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Welcome to the Technology page of CStore Decisions’ CStore Playbook, a new online reference series for convenience store retailers in the age of technological disruption. Created by CStore Decisions’ editorial team, this playbook features answers to some of the most frequently asked questions, as well as in-depth articles, podcasts and videos about how technology is changing the face of convenience retailing.

Erin Del Conte

Editor-in-Chief, CSD

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Tech Basics

Is Frictionless Checkout Right for My Store?

What Are the Benefits of a Mobile Loyalty Program?

Why C-Stores Will Be Great Beneficiaries of Artificial Intelligence

The Real Business Case Behind Delivery Apps

Reducing friction is top of mind for retailers as they examine the checkout experience.

C-stores are better able to market to customers and provide a more personalized experience for guests with a mobile loyalty program.

From inventory management to employee scheduling, artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionize the way c-store retailers operate their businesses.

As customers demand more, c-stores have an opportunity to grow revenue using first- or third-party delivery apps.

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Tech Evolution

C-Stores Embrace Automation

Can Convenience Stores Still Cash in on Crypto?

Technology Boosts Loss Prevention Resources

Expanding Electronic Payments

Technology is helping c-store retailers enhance the customer experience.

Despite a difficult winter for cryptocurrencies, c-stores can still profit from this growing segment through crypto ATMs or branded cryptocurrencies.

Having multiple forms of electronic payment options available both in-store and online appeals to c-store customers.

Smart safe technology and remote access are growing in use among c-store retailers to help with store security.

Tech Integration

How Automation Is Changing Labor Management

Retailers Investing in POS Solutions

Casey’s Boosts Tech Experience With Apps, AI

LEDs, Energy-Efficiency on the Rise at C-Stores

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