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Welcome to the Technology page of CStore Decisions’ CStore Playbook, a new online reference series for convenience store retailers in the age of technological disruption. Created by CStore Decisions’ editorial team, this playbook features answers to some of the most frequently asked questions, as well as in-depth articles, podcasts and videos about how technology is changing the face of convenience retailing.

Erin Del Conte

Executive Editor, CSD

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Tech Basics

How Can C-Stores Drive Foodservice Sales With Mobile Ordering?

How Can C-Stores Grow Their Loyalty Programs?

Pandemic Brings New Prospects for Prepaid Cards

What Are Frictionless Payments?

Online orders are expected to continue to drive growth for foodservice operators as more convenience store customers are placing their orders digitally.

Today, customer preferences include not just what they buy and where they make purchases, but how they pay and what rewards they expect to come from their choices.

The prepaid card category has continued to fare relatively well at many c-stores.

Mobile wallets and use of mobile apps are expected to grow in 2021 as customers set expectations with retailers.

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Tech Evolution

Forecourt Marketing Strategies Evolve

Where Do Loyalty Programs Go From Here?

Contactless Payment Comes to the Forefront

POS & Back Office Evolve

The past year proved an opportunity for c-stores to fine-tune their marketing strategies and find new ways to bring fuel customers in-store.

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted some areas where c-store loyalty initiatives may need to evolve to keep pace with competition from other channels.

A number of emerging trends are expected to pick up steam.

From EMV-enabled pumps to mobile wallets and frictionless checkout, contactless payments offer retailers and customers safety and convenience.

Tech Integration

2021 Tech Innovation Awards

A Tech Approach to Labor Management

Podcast: Pilot’s Tanaka Discusses Contactless Payment

C-Stores Upgrade to LED, Add Solar Power

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