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Welcome to the Technology page of CStore Decisions’ CStore Playbook, a new online reference series for convenience store retailers in the age of technological disruption. Created by CStore Decisions’ editorial team, this playbook features answers to some of the most frequently asked questions, as well as in-depth articles, podcasts and videos about how technology is changing the face of convenience retailing.

Erin Del Conte

Executive Editor, CSD

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Tech Basics

What is Disruption?

What Is the Value of API?

What’s the Difference Between Beacon Technology, GPS and Geofencing?

What Is Beacon Technology and How Does it Relate to IoT?

As technology advances numerous industries, including the convenience store industry, are experiencing disruption. And it’s only getting started.

Moving to API will cause disruption, but information sharing can open doors to opportunity.

With technology evolving rapidly, it’s important for c-store retailers to stay up to date on the latest tech terms impacting convenience stores.

New technology is changing the way convenience stores do business. But what does it all mean?

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Tech Disruption

Anticipating Technological Disruption

C-Store Technology Oracle: Biometrics and C-Stores of the Future

C-Store Technology Oracle: Autonomous Checkout

Envisioning a Frictionless Future

What do convenience stores need to consider before embarking on frictionless checkout?

As checkout disruption intensifies, c-stores weigh the myriad paths forward.

Beacon technology, chatbots, frictionless checkout and augmented reality are among the top technology trends set to impact c-store retailers.

In this podcast, we hear from Aaron McLean, chief operating officer for Stuzo, who shares information about the company's C-Store Future Vision Platform.

Tech Integration

Automating A Better Bottom Line

Unified Tech Platforms

Getting Personal with Loyalty Programs

What’s the Difference Between Skimming and Shimming?

POS Opportunities Expand

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