Top Ranked Car Wash

CStore Decisions is recognizing the Top Ranked Car Washes across the US.

Convenience store operators are generating additional revenue both in store and out by selling car washes. To find the winning car wash designs and strategies, CStore Decisions is proud to launch Top Ranked Car Washes.

Top Ranked Car Washes is intended to highlight innovations in car wash operations at convenience stores across the country.

Top Ranked is open to all car wash programs: in-bay, tunnel, automatic, hand-wash, etc. Our aim is to call attention to operational excellence, capital investments and ongoing improvements retailers are making to develop and upgrade their car wash brand. The car wash entries will be ranked by an independent panel of judges. The rankings will reflect the judges’ scoring of submitted entries.


As part of the Top Ranked Car Washes, you receive 2022 national recognition by CStore Decisions digitally and in print, and an opportunity to use the exclusive “Top Ranked” badge in your marketing materials.


Your “Top Ranked” listing allows you to differentiate your stores and elevate prospective customer interest.

Participation will take less than 5 minutes.

Thank you for your participation. The deadline for entry is February 10, 2022. For any questions or clarifications please contact John Lofstock



Showcase your stores Car Wash by entering information via our easy-to-use upload system and tell us why it should be Top Ranked. All entrants will be included in the Top Ranked list. Ranking order will be determined by a panel of independent industry judges.

The entry fee is $279.00 for each facility submission and the deadline is February 10, 2022.

Submissions for the Car Wash category include the following:

• Types of Car Washes

• Revenues

• Vehicles Serviced

• Types of Subscriptions

• Why Best of Best?


Q: What does the entry fee cover?

The entry fee helps to cover the administrative costs we incur for building and maintaining the website platform for submitting entries and preparing them for judging. It also helps to discourage frivolous entries and fund the recognition awards that we will issue to those that earn rankings. 

Those who enter and earn rankings will also be entitled to receive special research reports and data that we will prepare based on the information submitted from all entries.

We feel the entry fee is very reasonable in comparison to what is required for other rankings and award programs in the industry.

Q: What issue will the winners be featured in?

The rankings for the entries will be published in the March 2022 issue of CStore Decisions and also featured on the CStore Decisions website, its daily e-newsletter and its special-focus e-newsletter.

Q: Once we enter are we guaranteed to be featured in an upcoming publication?

All entries will be recognized, but the final rankings will be determined by the judging. 

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