Retro Gum Brands

Gerrit J. Verburg Co. inspires consumers to “taste the memories” with the reintroduction of retro gum brands Black Jack, Clove and Beemans chewing gum. Black Jack Chewing Gum holds the distinction of being the first flavored gum in America and the first gum sold in sticks, introduced in 1884 as Adams’ Black Jack, according to legend. With a burst of licorice flavor capturing the taste buds with each chew, it has been an enduring nostalgic American favorite for more than 130 years. Beemans Chewing Gum originally was marketed as a digestive aid in the late 1800s. Clove Chewing Gum gained popularity during prohibition for its ability to mask the smell of alcohol on the breath. Offering a spicy floral flavor, clove gum was invented by the Thomas Adams company in 1914. Each pack contains five sticks of gum, and there are 20 packs per display box. Convenient Counter Displays contain two boxes of each flavor, for a total of 120 packs of gum, with six counter displays shipping per case.

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