Customers Craving Pineapple & Breakfast Pizza

Cumberland Farms survey looks into pizza preferences in time for National Pizza Day.

In honor of National Pizza Day on Friday, Feb. 9, c-store chain Cumberland Farms is announcing the results of a survey around consumers’ preferences and popular debates when it comes to pizza.

The results tackled the ongoing pineapple conversation, showing that 65% of respondents are in favor of the warm fruit on their pizza. The survey also asked participants how they feel about pizza in the morning, and while you may think that most would prefer eggs, a whopping 85% of respondents said they indulge in cold leftovers for breakfast. Cumberland Farms’ pizza debates survey revealed the following:

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Most respondents are traditionalists when it comes to how they eat their pizza, with 78% saying they eat their slice from end to crust.

When it comes to dipping pizza in ranch dressing, the jury is still out. While 47% of respondents think it’s delicious, 52% think it takes away from the taste of the pizza.

92% of respondents believe pizza should forever be a finger food, and that it should be eaten with your hands rather than with a fork and a knife.

When it comes to the debate surrounding cooked pineapple on pizza, the results are in! A whopping 65% of respondents love their pie topped with the warm fruit, and 33% of them deem Hawaiian as their favorite type of pizza.

Eggs for breakfast? Try cold pizza, instead. 85% of respondents love reaching for leftover slices versus toast in the morning.

If you’re going to order pizza, 71% believe you should go big or go home and order it by the box versus by the slice. Leftovers, anyone?

“We know how serious people are about pizza, so in honor of National Pizza Day, we thought it would be fun to see how they enjoy it” said David Heilbronner, director of brand strategy and advertising at Cumberland Farms. “We hope customers will stop by one of our retail locations this National Pizza Day to celebrate. As always, customers can get two slices of cheese or pepperoni pizza and a Chill Zone fountain or frozen drink for under $3.”

Dedicated to providing customers with great quality products, Cumberland Farms offers 99-cent pepperoni or cheese slices, and their large super slices loaded with ingredients for $2.39, every day. In addition, whole pepperoni or cheese pies are available for $6.99.