blu Launches myblu E-Vapor Device

Pre-filled pod system aims to revolutionize vaping experience.

blu, a supplier in the electronic cigarette industry has introduced the newest addition to its product lineup: myblu.

A next-generation e-vapor device, myblu addresses a void that adult smokers and vapers have long been seeking to fill, by delivering strong performance in a sleek and compact closed system—with none of the hassle.

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In maintaining key attributes of the blu brand that consumers have come to know and love, including its notoriously simplistic and convenient usability, myblu merges innovation, power and performance to bring new, cutting-edge features to life in a first of its kind form factor for blu. myblu’s big-impact advantages include:

An ergonomic design that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand

New pod technology with pre-filled liquidpods

Easier-than-ever “click-and-go” usability

Long-lasting and fast 20 minute USB recharge for extended use anywhere, anytime

The myCARE guarantee – blu’s first lifetime device warranty

blu is celebrating the launch of myblu with its most expansive flavor range yet – with pre-filled Liquidpods featuring 11 flavors in three nicotine levels including 2.4%, 1.2%, and a nicotine free option. These flavors include Classic Tobacco, Carolina Bold, Gold Leaf, Magnificent Menthol, Polar Mint, Cherry Crush, Vivid Vanilla, Blueberry, Blue Ice, Mango Apricot, and Green Apple. The full assortment of flavors will be available for purchase exclusively on blu’s website. For added convenience, blu’s best-selling flavors such as Gold Leaf, Magnificent Menthol, Polar Mint, Cherry Crush, and Vivid Vanilla will also be offered for retail sale in a 2.4 nicotine percentage.

“Our constant quest for innovation and improvement has been a long-time tenant of the blu brand, and we are kicking off 2018 strong with our first-ever product for the growing Pod segment here in the U.S. We believe myblu is truly the introduction of a next-generation standard in electronic vaping products for the industry,” said Wayne Jones, senior vice president sales operations at Fontem US Inc. “Having received continued positive feedback from consumers and selling out of product pre-orders faster than ever before, we are confident that myblu will truly add a game-changing e-vapor device to the current market lineup, answering smokers’ call with product that will transform the way consumers view and experience vaping today.”

myblu Starter Kits, which include the myblu device, one USB charging cable, and one liquid pod in the Gold Leaf flavor, will be available for a purchase price of $19.99, with myblu Liquidpods including two pods for $8.99.

Check out the video here.