Sheetz, Tattoo Projects Introduce Sheetz Fleet Art Project

Sheetz Fleet Art Project to benefit Sheetz For The Kidz charity.

Sheetz and creative marketing agency Tattoo Projects are taking their 11-year Agency of Record relationship on the road with the Sheetz Fleet Art Project.

The iconic and highly recognizable fleet of Sheetz trucks are already hitting the road bearing art with a purpose.

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In May, a call for entries was issued to the Sheetz Freakz artist community to express their love of the brand on the side of the large rolling canvases. The call for entries drew the attention of 130 artists in Sheetz’ six-state footprint. Tattoo and Sheetz culled the entries to 11 finalists based on their ability to communicate the Sheetz brand in a bold new way. More than 100 Sheetz trucks featuring the artwork are now on the road.

The back of each rig will have information about the program and drive viewers to a special microsite. There, visitors will learn about the Art Project and the artists. In addition, special swag – shirts, buttons, mugs and more – featuring the art will be available for sale, with all proceeds going to Sheetz For The Kidz.

Sheetz For The Kidz is a 501(c) (3) charity, independent of the Sheetz Corp. The organization was created in 1992 by store employees to help local children. The mission of the charity is to provide support, hope, joy and happiness to children in need within the communities in which Sheetz operates. To date, the charity has impacted more than 110,000 children living in the communities Sheetz serves.

“This campaign with Tattoo Projects enables us not only to support Sheetz For The Kidz, but do something we practice through all of our marketing: tap into the voice of our customer,” said Tammy Dunkley, Sheetz senior creative manager. “As usual, they surpassed our expectations on both asks.”

“Sheetz fans are passionate about the brand and we were thrilled with how that translated through art,” added Rudy Banny, Tattoo Projects partner + creative director. “These trucks are unmistakable and unforgettable, and a testament to the willingness Sheetz has to push boundaries.”