December 2018 Issue: 40 Under 40

40 Under 40

Some direct small chains and others support large retail operations with major industry clout. Still, the individuals who comprise CSD’s class of next-generation leaders are all committed to delivering excellence and moving their companies forward.

Effective and well-trained leaders are invaluable when it comes to formulating and communicating new strategic directions, motivating employees, satisfying customers and partnering with suppliers, vendors and other stakeholders.

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Today’s economic climate is being shaped by forces that are spurring significant channel blurring—c-stores are becoming quick-service restaurants, drug stores are becoming
c-stores, grocery stores are adding restaurants and dollar stores are pushing geographic boundaries at a dizzying pace. Joe DePinto, president and CEO 7-Eleven Inc. recently shared with Convenience Store Decisions in its recent October issue his take on the headwinds and disruption in the c-store and retail environment: “in my opinion,
there are no more channels.”

This growing sect of next-generation leaders boasts the flexibility and nimbleness
needed to succeed in this progressing industry.

Just as speed should be one of your biggest priorities in choosing a point-of-sale system (POS)—faster transaction times mean you can process more customers per minute—gleaning the knowledge and new-age perspective the following 40 individuals share.

The positions this year include chief financial officer; senior manager of IT retail systems; director of special projects; director of operations; category manager; director of foodservice; community relations & events manager; and CEO.

Anyone of these professionals can attest that serving the modern consumer competently requires attention to trends, to detail and to new technology. For example, some U.S. retailers are installing beacons in order to mimic the experience of e-commerce websites by offering loyalty points, coupons and a shopping list reminder to a consumer’s smartphone. It’s a trend that will only increase in frequency and company executives must be on board.