BP Partners with GetUpside App

BP and Amoco customers can now get cents-off-per-gallon savings when using the GetUpside App.

BP is teaming with GetUpside to provide real-time, personalized offers to GetUpside app users allowing them to save money on BP and Amoco gasolines with Invigorate.

The GetUpside consumer app uses real-time data to understand consumer purchase behaviors and offers personalized, cents-off-per-gallon savings at participating BP and Amoco stations across the U.S.

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BP and GetUpside have agreed on a unique approach that gives BP and Amoco- branded marketers the first right of refusal to join the GetUpside platform. With this new partnership with BP, GetUpside expects to double its growth in the gas station category and substantially expand the reach of its incremental profit platform.

“GetUpside is dedicated to helping consumers save money at the pump, and empowering fuel marketers to grow their businesses profitably. Partnering with BP will allow millions more around the country to benefit from our innovative GetUpside platform,” said Alex Kinnier, GetUpside co-founder/CEO.

“We are thrilled to work with GetUpside to bring this innovative, competitive offering to our BP and Amoco branded customers,” said Nicola Buck, head of marketing at BP. “Providing personalized offers in real-time supports our strategy to transition to a digitally enabled future.”

BP and Amoco Branded Marketers were notified of this preferred offer on Monday, Jan. 7. The program is set to launch in Spring 2019.