Cruizers Adds Skip Frictionless Checkout

Cruizers customers can scan items on their smartphone to check out.

Holmes Oil Co. is now live with Skip Frictionless Checkout at Cruizers in Raleigh, N.C.

Cruizers is the first convenience store chain in the Southeastern U.S. to go live with Skip and the second in the U.S.

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Skip is smartphone app that allows a customer to walk in, open the app, scan their items and pay for them over their smartphone and walk out without ever waiting in line.

“Customers today are looking for the fastest way to get in, grab what they need, and get out. This technology helps us give that option to our customers now. Customers are used to picking up their smartphone and ordering something that in many cases can be delivered to their doorstep in several hours. In order to compete, we must adapt and utilize new technology,” said Mike Wilson, Holmes Oil Company director of operations.

Salt Lake City based Skip Checkout, implements a system in stores that allows customers to scan items with their smartphone as they take them from the shelves. The store employees are notified when a Skip user arrives and can monitor their purchases in real time as well as respond to users’ requests through the app. Once a customer scans all of their purchases, they finalize payment in the app and leave, thus “Skip”ing waiting in line.

Headquartered in Chapel Hill, N.C., Holmes Oil Co. operates 27 Cruizers Convenience locations.