CMF Aids Those Impacted by Government Shut Down

Gift cards and food drive donations to support those struggling in the aftermath of the government shut down.

Carroll Motor Fuels (CMF) and High’s donated more than $3,500 in gas and grocery gift cards in addition to various items collected in a food drive to help aid federal employees affected by the government shut down.

John Phelps, president of CMF and High’s, along with Katie Alford, HR manager presented the gift cards and donations at a ceremony held at the Department of General Services on Monday, Jan. 28. Phelps and Secretary Churchill each shared remarks urging support for those affected by the government shutdown.

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Carroll Motor Fuels strives to be involved in the communities throughout its footprint and work very hard to give back to them.

Carroll Motor Fuels is a 4th generation family-owned business based out of Baltimore, Md. It offers various branded gasoline products including Carroll Motor Fuels, BP, Sunoco and Marathon as well as a full slate of commercial fuels. In 2012, Carroll Motor Fuels acquired High’s. Today, High’s is a chain of 48 convenience stores run by a team of 500 individuals