Mountain Express Oil Partners with DFS

After purchasing DFS’ ClearView solution wetstock monitoring services in July 2015, MEO signs a new, three-year agreement with DFS.

Mountain Express Oil Co. (MEO) has entered into a three-year agreement with Dover Fueling Solutions (DFS), which is set to provide the company with wetstock monitoring services.

MEO, based in Acworth, Ga., was founded in 2000, and is involved in the wholesale distribution of gasoline, diesel fuels, racing fuels, renewable fuels, oils, lubricants, real estate, quick-service restaurants and c-store operating businesses in the southeastern U.S. It provides petroleum products to stores it owns and third-party locations at approximately 400 locations across nine states.

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After first purchasing the ClearView solution wetstock monitoring services in July 2015, MEO has just signed a new, three-year agreement with DFS to continue its use of the ClearView solution.

Of the company’s experience with the ClearView solution, MEO Executive Vice President of Strategic Business Development Lamar Frady, noted, “The ClearView solution has been able to not only ensure that our locations receive all the fuel we purchase, but also manage our inventory control more efficiently and with much more accuracy. The ClearView solution identifies an issue when it occurs and significantly diminishes the chasing of issues.”

“We are thrilled to continue supplying Mountain Express Oil Co. with the ClearView solution,” said DFS Sales Representative Ray Melendez. “This family-owned organization has accomplished so much in its nearly 20 years of operation, and I look forward to seeing what the next three years of this partnership will hold.”