Sweet Snack LTOs

Tastykake’s summer limited edition items, including Blueberry Mini Donuts, Birthday Kake Mini Donuts and Banana Pudding Créme Glazed Pies, hit shelves on Monday, June 4. Blueberry Mini Donuts feature a blueberry flavored cake donut dusted with a powdered sugar coating. Available in two-ounce packs of six donuts, they have an estimated retail price of $1.79. These donuts come in a variety shipper with Tastykake’s limited edition Birthday Kake Mini Donuts. Birthday Kake Mini Donuts feature a white cake donut enveloped in a sweet, crunchy layer of colorful crumble. Each single-serve, six-count pack weighs in at 3.4-ounces with an estimated retail price of $1.79. Banana Pudding Créme Glazed Pies are made with real fruit, featuring a glazed pie crust and a banana pudding flavored pie filling. Each pie weighs 4.5-ounces with an estimated retail price of $1.79.

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