SweeTARTS Gummies

SweeTARTS is launching SweeTARTS Gummies, now available at retailers nationwide. Created to celebrate those who follow their many passions and live creatively, SweeTARTS Gummies feature an endless variety of fun shapes, including a turntable, VR headset and rocket ship, and are available in both sweet and sour fruity flavors. SweeTARTS is kicking off the launch with a “Search for the Next Gummy Shape” contest, inviting fans to pick the next gummy shape for a chance to win a year supply of SweeTARTS Gummies. The winner will also see their shape appear in a future bag of SweeTARTS Gummies. Consumers also have the chance to win $10,000, or one of over 100 daily prizes, by entering the “Shape Your Passion” sweepstakes. The new SweeTARTS Sour Gummies and Gummies are available in a four-ounce Share Pack ($1.69 SRP), 5.25-ounce Medium Peg ($1.99 SRP) and 10-ounce Stand Up Bag ($2.89 SRP).

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