Online Orders Made Easy

Customers expect stores to have an e-commerce operation. MasonWays helps your business stay nimble and meet requirements with its system. The Personal Shoppers Cart accommodates six bins to retrieve orders from store shelves. The Master Base holds 18 loaded bins with online orders until delivery is due from staging area at designated pick up times. Master platform allows for extra Storage Bases to be garaged underneath for use during periods of high activity. System is engineered to work seamlessly with the Collapsible Bins, which have areas for order identification tags. Tags allow personal shoppers to identify times scheduled for final pick up. The adjustable Metal Sign keeps storage areas organized for personal shoppers to easily locate customer bins at proper pick up times. Loaded bins are delivered outdoors directly to the customer’s car using the Custom Dolly. Dolly is designed to accommodate up to six bins. MasonWays products are molded with USDA approved materials. Keep food orders sanitary and safe from cross contamination. Purchase the complete system for cost savings or individually.For More Information From MasonWays