BRP Report Shows Post-Purchase Experience Important Too

As retailers prepare for the 2018 holiday season, BRP warns focusing on loyalty post-purchase is a key strategy in building your brand.

According to a new report from Boston Retail Partners (BRP), the post-purchase experience is not getting the attention it deserves as retailers focus more on customer acquisition than loyalty.

BRP published the Best Practices for Enhancing the Post-Purchase Experience report to address the importance of the time between the customer clicking the buy button and the customer receiving and using the product. This is your customers’ most recent experience with your company and impacts the feelings they share with friends and family and the relationship they have with your brand. The satisfaction level during the post purchase experience has a direct correlation on a customer’s decision to buy again, or not.

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Retailers that meet or exceed post-purchase customer experience expectations create a unique brand experience that customers will “share” with others personally and on social media. Exceptional post-purchase customer experiences also inspire customers to build long-term relationship with brands.

“Retailers who communicate regular updates and reassurances on order and delivery status to customers create a moment of trust with the brand,” said Jeffrey Neville, senior vice president and practice lead, BRP. “Customers who shop without a sense of risk will feel more comfortable making repeat purchases in the future.”

By crafting a post-purchase experience to minimize friction and maximize convenience, retailers make an investment in a sustained relationship with their customer. Enhancing your post-purchase customer experience doesn’t necessarily mean investing heavily in the latest technologies – it’s all about making the experience easy and transparent. Best practices that create a welcome and trusting experience for your customers to return time after time include:

Set customer expectations before the click or “Buy”
Communicate tirelessly
Set a fair and competitive return policy
Simplify the return process
Deliver your products in professional packaging
Turn a digital experience into an omni-channel experience
Use your stores for something more
Gather customer feedback

To download Best Practices for Enhancing the Post-Purchase Experience, visit: