Organic Kombucha

KÖE is introducing a line of organic kombucha that is great-tasting and easy to drink. Every can of KÖE is light, bubbly and full of flavor, and made with the highest quality organic ingredients. Authentically fermented, KÖE is a functional beverage made from kombucha (fermented tea), a long beloved drink among the health-conscious community. Whether it’s fresh and tangy Lemon Ginger, exotic, enticing Mango, refreshing Raspberry Lemon, plump Blueberry Ginger or silky, soothing Raspberry Dragonfruit—all flavors of KÖE are USDA organic, non-GMO project verified, vegan, gluten free, kosher certified, non-alcoholic and made without any artificial sweeteners. It’s the better-for-you alternative to heavy sodas with high-fructose syrup, and the friendly, delicious version of traditional kombucha.

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